Character Creation

For this Dungeons and Dragons campaign we will be running the campaign on Roll20 with our references being located on D&D Beyond. The following guidelines will be used for character creation:

You will start your characters at level 3.  This will help prevent those unlucky one shot kills.  You will decide as a group If you know each other already or will meet in the first game session.

Create 1

Create 2

When you get to the races, any of the Player’s Handbook or Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide races are accepted without need to clear with me. Anything outside of that will require a conversation and a good reason for you being in the area.

Create 3

Choose your class (Wizard, Warrior, Bard, etc.)

Create 4

When you pick a class you can set your level to 3 and set you hp to Max for you class at level 3.  You will always get the maximum hp for your class.

Create 5

Roll 7 sets of 4d6. Re-roll any 1’s and drop the lowest set. This will result in higher than average characters, very likely borderline epic characters, but I will adjust the game to compensate. I always felt that PC’s should be the elites of these worlds, not the average Joes. Feel free to use any dice rolling web site (Example) and roll 4d6 seven times re-roll any 1’s and drop the lowest overall set.

Gear and Equipment: You will have your Maximum gold for starting based on class plus 500GP to use as you see fit.  If your backstory includes coming from nobility, we can discuss adjustments. Keep in mind, however, every advantage has a price. Be mindful that we will be paying attention to encumbrance, so do not weigh yourself down too much.

Create 6

There is a very comprehensive list of equipment here. I also will allow equipment from other sources such as this prior edition d20 Book with some discussion.

More to come.