As I made my way past Berdusk walking through open fields and forest near Greenest I came across an Elf named Tristavyrr. She seemed nice enough. As we were both heading in the same direction we decided to travel together for a short time. As we set up camp for the night we met two odd fellows named. Mario and D’handara. I think I would have preferred to stay alone with the elf but you know what they say, strength in numbers. There is something strange about D’handara. He comes off as a crazy, feeble old man yet he wants to watch over the camp. I’m not going to argue with him right now but I need to keep an eye on him. As morning broke we decided to head into Greenest as a group. Just as we were going to break camp a man approached.


He said his name was Eltrix. I don’t trust this one at all. I know these rogueish, ranger types. They can be trouble. When we finally broke camp Eltrix rushed ahead of the group. He seemed like he was in a hurry. I’m not sure why he wanted to travel with us in the first place. The air started to smell of smoke. At first, I didn’t think anything of it but as we approached we could see that Greenest was on fire. This was no ordinary fire, this was dragon fire. I tried to warn Eltrix and D’handara not to rush in but they didn’t listen. As I ran after them D’handara seemed to use a spell of some kind. The feeble old man was not as feeble as I was lead to believe.