3 Kythorn – Greenest continues to prosper. Our early grains have been harvested and are in the process of being milled.  The town has loaned the miller, Fanul Helder, 200 gp to expand the mill in exchange for a reduced rate for his services for the next 2 years.

5 Kythorn – Leosin Erlanthar has come back. He requested an audience with me, but I cannot be bothered with his ramblings.  In the 15 years I have been governor, Greenest has never been more quiet. The idea that some organization would target us is preposterous.

12 Kythorn – A petition to build a shrine on the northern side of town has been brought to me. I am inclined to approve the request, but will not commit town funds for the undertaking. If that moon elf, Cloisienne Darklove, wants a shrine she will have to find the money on her own.  I suppose we can grant the land so long as the shrine is generic and allows for the worship of any deity.

15 Kythorn – Castellan has come to see me. He has concerns over a rising number of strangers coming through town. He says they effect to not know one another, but are all behaving similarly. None stay for more than a night at the Three Billed Duck before moving on. Perhaps Leosin has got him paranoid. I have assured him these are nothing more than travelers.

19 Kythorn – I have noticed these “travelers” more now. Maybe there is something to what Leosin says. I have felt like meat under the gaze of more than one of these folks. I have sent for Leosin. I hope he is willing to help.

  • Tarbaw Nighthill, Governor of Greenest