Solitude has its benefits. It is easy to forget this, given the convenient security of numbers while traveling. The closer to the edge of Alliance territory one gets the higher the probability of an untimely end.

Thus, Mario…

An amiable, affable sort. Companionable enough, though he does tend to natter on more than a bit. Excellent culinary craft, however, considering the available fare.

* * *

…And then there were four.

Which becomes a rather vexing situation when people insist on not sleeping. Or being an elf. When it was simply Mario and I, at least there was the blessed, if brief, solitude of his slumber…Save for the snoring, but I digress.

The most curious thing, however, appears to connect us all. Being that interesting things are my stock in trade, and a mandate from my Mistress, I cannot overlook this seemingly serendipitous situation: We are all, presently, heading for Greenest.

What, precisely, this portends is obscure at best. Is one of these the source of the mad man’s ravings? Am I travelling with the very essence of that to which I must both bear witness and act?

My mind pierces many veils, yet this remains a troubling blank. Tales of fire, of blackened flesh, spilt blood, and screams in the night still haunt me. Much knowledge is at stake; what can be, must be preserved.