(Character notes, Session 2, June 24, 2018)

[EXCERPTS from Journal of Tristavyrr Fäergwynn]

20th Kythorn 1489 DR 

Finally I have got a moment to catch my breath. I am resting in the Greenest keep with what amounts to the whole village for company. Strange turn indeed, considering there is still a dragon–  iridescent blue and fire-breathing, no less, with a span of wings that blots out the setting sun. The menfolk insisted on playing heroes, rushing in towards the beast despite my counsel to take a cautious approach. I am not sure what the one calling himself D’handara is playing at. He won’t let anyone know his mind and seems hardly to care if we follow him or not. At least Wenmuk is rational and actually appears willing to take at least a moment to consider my input…

As we approached the besieged town it started to become evident that for all his soaring and screeching, the dragon was not actually attacking anyone or anything. His role appears to be that of a threat and distraction for the hooded men below setting thatches alight and pillaging the town. Sadly, due to the mass hero-complex afflicting my group, we were not able to avoid violence. We fought off several lizard-like creatures I am told are called Kobolds. (I must read more about them, they appear fascinating– I was quickly able to dash off a sketch in my notebooks!) The lizard-men wielded weapons in their hands and Mario was injured in the confrontation. I am happy to say I tended to him and he is set right.

During the course of this, we assisted a family in reaching the keep, naturally skirmishing yet again along the way with some of the men in purple cloaks. (Are these Dragon Cultists? They must be!) No one seems to have been killed or seriously injured and most of the townsfolk are here in the keep. I have yet to find Cloisienne, which worries me terribly. Alas, I cannot leave the relative safety of these confines tonight and I have no hope of looking for her further before daybreak.