Dear Journal,

It’s me, Mario Giuseppe Vincenzo, at your service. It has been very eventful since the last I was able to write.

As we, D’Handra, Eltrix, Wenmuk, Tristavyrr, & I, approached Greenest, the town appeared to be under attack, and from a dragon  no less. Eltrix and D’Handra take off towards town in haste as the rest of us soon follow, but I was wishing we had more of a plan before jumping straight into the fire.

As we get closer, strangely it seems the buildings are being set afire by humans in purple robes as the dragon seems to be concentrated on the town keep. Seeing this we all group up and begin to approach the city in more of a stealthy manner.

Our group began to approach from the North, seeing a woman wielding a shield and a broken spear seemingly guarding her family from several Kobolds.

KoboldThis was our first combat as a “group.” D’Handra eagerly jumped into the fray dispatching one quickly with a purple and black blast of magic. Eltrix, having drawn his sword, followed suit and attacked another of the Kobolds. Wenmuk rushed at the group of Kobolds while swinging his mighty axe and the Kobold fell dead to the ground. Tristavyrr said a magical incantation then a shimmering weapon appeared in the shape of a crescent moon. In the next moment the glowing blade found its mark slicing at the Kobold’s head that had stood directly in front of the dwarf.

You must be asking yourself, Mario, why do you delay? Why do you not grab your sword and jump into the fray? I am glad that you ask such questions. At first, Mario wanted to assess the situation and observe the enemy.


Finally, it is time for Mario to strike!


In one swift move Mario took his swords, one in each hand and leaped at the first Kobold in his path. As his main hand sword sliced through the Kobold cleanly, he pivoted towards the next Kobold and with his other sword stabbed at it. As the life drained from the Kobold Mario stabbed, another Kobold leaped at Mario. The Kobold’s dagger sliced deeply at Mario’s right arm. Grimacing in pain Mario staggered back. D’Handra stepped up and blasted that Kobold with one of his magical purple and black blasts. The Kobold dropped writhing in much pain, until his last breath. After the last Kobold in the group was dispatched, Tristavyrr spoke in what I assume was Elvish and then the flesh surrounding the wound on my right arm, began to heal. When the magic was done, my arm was completely healed, not even a scar.

The fight was over, or at least this small skirmish. The family, we had nobly waded in battle to protect, was safe. The woman gathered her family and began to move to the center of town towards the keep. We tried to convince the woman that going towards that direction may not be the best idea.

After much debate with the woman, we began to escort her and her family. It was not the safest plan, but at least we could offer a bit more protection for her and her family. As I mentioned before there were various humans running around the town in long dark robes. It just so happened as we were going to cross one of the bigger pathways, a group of three of these shadowy figures entered a house.


What are these robed men up to? My investigator’s mind puzzled over what their plan was and had we seen all of it.


It was again D’Handra who struck first. He unleashed another one of his purple and black magic blast in the back of one of the men. Eltrix lunged at the man with his sword and finished him off. Now the other two were alerted, Tristavyrr sent an elemental attack at one of them causing him to feel winter’s chill all over. My arm was feeling so good and now here was my chance to test it.


“Ah ha, you shall not terrorize these people anymore!”


I sliced at one of these hooded villains and my blade struck true dropping the man. Quickly I turned my blade to the other man suffering from the chill of Tristavyrr. He also fell dead to the floor of the house.

Trying to find some clues of what might be going Eltrix and D’Handra quickly rummaged through the dead men’s robes, but alas found no clues. D’Handra did look at the robes possibly thinking of a disguise, but then thought better of it.

portcullisAfter meeting up with a few other families fleeing to the Keep, we arrived without any other incident. Once safely inside the keep, the gates were shut tight to prevent the possibility of the invading cultists from infiltrating the keep…for now.

Tristavyrr soon looked in on townsfolk that had sought shelter inside the keep. She began to help check them out and apply bandages if needed. She is quite the nurturing soul for a someone who can create magical weapons.

Meanwhile the rest of our group went to go talk to the governor and voice our concerns about his leadership…or should I say lack of leadership. During our talk with the governor I heard about the monk I was indebted to for saving my life. At my behest, I urged the governor to tell us the whereabouts of the monk. Upon learning this, we sought to leave the keep. The governor said he could not allow us to leave through the gates.

However, he did have another way for us to get out of the keep…through the sewers.

That is all for now Journal.

For I, Mario Giuseppe Vincenzo, it is time to enter the sewers to repay our debt!

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