(Character notes, Session 23, July 8, 2018)

[EXCERPTS from Journal of Tristavyrr Fäergwynn]

20th Kythorn 1489 DR 

Is this not the longest day I have yet spent in this realm? I can hardly believe that it was only this afternoon that our party reached Greenest. How can it be that I feel that I know my companions so well? That I trust them, as least as far as I do? Even Eltrix seems to feel this bond. He has already dropped his pretenses and trusted us with his true name– Terran. Though why he chose to keep it from us at first, he has not revealed. The squirrely D’handara remains aloof, but quite useful to our party. He and I quarreled over the fate of some rather innocent kobolds but I am trying to empathise with D’handara. Grandfather always said a man is usually only a brute because life has shaped him thus. True evil is rarer than most people think. I find that comforting, especially on days like this one. 

Of course my thoughts have been on grandfather today. Today I see his face in the plumes of smoke, I hear his voice on the wind that blows through the copse of trees that lines the creek where we ambushed another group of the men we assume to be Dragon Cultists. We preserved one fellow and he was returned to the keep to be questioned. I have little concern for this, truth be told. I am most fearful for Cloisienne’s safety. Why would she be at the mill in the dead of night with a dragon in the skies? Why is she not huddled with the others in the relative safety of the keep? Finding her is burning upmost in my mind. That, and staying in one piece until I part company with this danger-seeking band of adventurers.