It’s been such a crazy day. Fighting beast and men of all manner and I’m still no closer to finding out anything about how my father was involved in all of this. Well, besides finding this Dragon Cult. We were able to capture one of the cutest thanks to a lucky shot from “Bronzie”.

lt-crossbowUnfortunately, he was a low ranking nobody and couldn’t really tell us anything. It’s too bad Terran so quickly accepted the challenge of that captain or whatever he was. I’m sure we could have gotten some answers out of him. For the most part, my new companions seem like a good bunch. I still feel like D’handara is hiding something. He seems to have a new trick up his sleeve every time we get into a situation. Mario & Tristavyrr seem pretty trustworthy. I feel like if things get really bad they are the only ones I can really trust. We were able to help a lot of people in Greenest. I really didn’t think this journey was going to turn into an adventure of this sorts.