In an interesting turn of events, Mario has taken off on a scouting expedition to ascertain more firmly the whereabouts of his friend, the cult, and any others taken from the village. And as for the rest of us…


Word came to the keep of a tribe of centaurs suffering a strange malady, poisoned water, strange weather. Collectively we decided to investigate; for my part, curiosity has always had a certain inescapable allure. The description given indicated short travel, especially as we were certain of a loan of horses to speed our travel. A small band of bugbears intercepted us, but they proved an entirely trivial trespass.

The centaurs, an interesting tribal people of whose practices I am quite curious, directed us to the lake from which they draw their potable water and we made a brief investigative foray; given the hour we were not able to learn much, and the caustic rains forced our decision to return the the tribe’s camp for the evening.

Upon the morn we returned, Lady Tristavyrr – with whom I am becoming more intrigued by the day; her abilities prove as interesting a mix of the arcane and the divine as my own skill set – mended the small raft upon the shore and we made our way across the water to an island with a peculiar structure freshly revealed from the earth.

Here, Wenmuk proved a liability. A superstitious sort, perhaps? Unmanned by undead? Whatever the case, the ninny relied primarily on his crossbow; a man of such musculature and martial prowess has no place anywhere but the front lines of any engagement in which he were to find himself.

At any rate, the mummy and its ooze defenders were dispatched; sadly, there was no information upon or within the tomb regarding this formerly sealed occupant. However, that in and of itself is of worthy note. It may yet be possible to glean some measure of information based upon rumors and legends – for the one most veracious axiom I’ve found in this world is that legends always have a foundation in truth.