25 Kythorn 1489

What an adventurous few days I have had! Mario’s friend, an Elven monk by the name of Leosin, was abducted by the dragon cultists and imprisoned in their encampment. Our party endeavored to assume the disguises of guards and officers transporting a prisoner in order to infiltrate the camp. Despite Mario’s disguise kit, the uniforms of some hapless guards we overcame, and a bit of magic, we were almost immediately found out for impostors. And over such a thing as Terran’s accent, no less! The lot of us were captured and bound, and I feared for our lives, or at the very least, our continued liberty. However, some good fortune and a bit more magic (a flawless charm by me, if I do say it myself) set us on the road to freedom! Terran was able to stealthily reacquire our gear and we hastily made our escape, Leosin in tow.

Our group made camp and Leosin told us what he could of the cultists, including the fact that there is some sort of nursery in a cave within the camp, as well as telling us a phrase he heard more than once whilst in his internment: “Praise Tiamet’s Glory” which refers to a five-headed dragon, apparently. I definitely have a bad feeling about this.

The next day, our band of adventurers accepted a paid job offer from Leosin to return to the camp and explore the cave, which we agreed to. We had barely set foot within its cool chambers when we came upon a group of enemies–which we bested through a combination of stealth, explosives and (dare I say it again?) some quite good magic from me. We were outnumbered but tenacious and we once again proved our mettle well.

I write this now as our little band catches our breath, lest the next foes we meet finally end us. I cannot believe my good fortune to have met up with such adventure and I want some record to survive of our escapades!