Vallith spent her early years studying the art of fighting and offering prayers to her god, Tyr. She had tried to join his holy Knights at the age of two. Due to her Tiefling blood, she was immediately rejected. But, one man looked beyond her race and into her heart.  This man was Bajörn Faithwalker, a retired Hammer of Grimjaws (Tyr’s elite Paladins) and her new mentor. He took her in as his Squire and began teaching her in the holy ways.

The two of them lived in a modest log cabin, just outside the town of Yartar.  When Vallith was not training with all manner of weapons, she was sent into town to help the needy and the poor. There she became great friends with an elf named Talis and a half-elf named Terran.  The three of them would spend many days in each other’s company and the both eventually won Vallith’s un-dying loyalty.

They grew slightly apart as Vallith’s training intensified.  She still made it a point to visit them when she went into town.  As they grew older and she became a full-fledged Paladin, she started to bring criminals and others to justice as her oath demanded.  One time she even teamed up with Terran to track down a vigilante. Vallith eventually moved north to Nesme and would often make long journeys to uphold the law and serve swift justice when needed.

She was just finishing one such pilgrimage and arrived home to find a letter from Terran. It had been delivered about a day before and informed her that he was heading south to Greenest due to some unsettling rumors swirling about the area…