25 Kythorn 1489

As I last wrote, fighting that band of ruffians in the cave was exhilarating! My magic was strong and I experienced such profound connection to the Goddess of Moonlight. Her hand guided me once more as we were confronted with even more powerful enemies within the Cultist’s cave. After we rested a while we found what they were protecting. There was a chamber in which we found a note reading “Everything must be freighted north to Naerytar. Rezmir allowed us to keep some pearls, a ring, and some small stones.” We found those items and more– specifically we found a long drop quite by accident as I fell to a lower level and we were beset by yet more enemies. They were protecting 3 dragon eggs, which we destroyed. I am feeling regret for that. Is it the dragons’ fault that they are bound in slavery to evil men?

25 Kythorn 1489

Today we arrived back in Greenest. The town has started to resume normal activity. People have returned to their homes now that the threat is gone. I went to Cloisienne’s, taking D’handara with me. It was so wonderful to spend some time with her catching up and enjoying a meal. She told me she sent her cat Bertram along to Berdusk for safe-keeping and she has asked me to pick him up and bring him back home with me.  She offered us beds so we will sleep here tonight. Away from the group and the tension between him and Terran, D’handara seems more relaxed. He was downright cordial to Cloisienne and I couldn’t swear to it but I think I even saw him smile. Cloisienne gave him some incense and he brought a lovely owl named Miss Nubulosa into being. She’s so gorgeous with big amethyst eyes and soft gray feathers.

I read for a few hours in the warm lamp light, feeling safe and comfortable in my old friend’s home. Certainly safer than I have felt in all these days since leaving home so abruptly and under such alarming circumstances. As I prepared to go into my dream trance tonight, I reflected on Cloisienne’s request to take Bertram back to Silverymoon. Of course she just assumed that’s where I am headed. But am I? These adventures are taking hold of me. I find that, against my better judgement, I enjoy the company of these new friends and the feeling that I am helping protect people from danger. It’s ridiculous of course, I am no warrior! I have studies to complete, and my work in the library, among the safe and reassuring stacks. I have no business chasing villains. I certainly have no calling to be killing dragons.

26 Kythorn 1489

This morning D’handara, Miss Nebulosa, and I met back up with Wenmuck, Terran and Mario. Terran was quite the worse for wear! Apparently Wenmuck bested him roundly in a drinking competition! I did not tease him though, because I learned something about our Terran. He is not quite the bon vivant he plays. He has some pain in his past and he confided in me that he is on a quest to find a kidnapped friend. Somehow I knew his bravado was a front for a heart. Terran’s friend, a young Tiefling woman by the name of Vallith was waiting with my three companions at the inn. Apparently she, Terran, and the missing friend were all close in childhood and Terran has asked her to join us and hopefully find some clues as to the friend’s whereabouts. I initially had my reservations about adding a member to our party,  but I think I am beginning to understand Terran better and– odd as it may have seemed mere days ago– I do trust his judgement– just maybe not when it comes to drinking!