27 Kythorn 1489

Coming to Berdusk and the into the fellowship of my old friend Effie Starsong has restored my soul! Bertram the cat is happy there, chasing butterflies in the garden. Effie wants him to stay in the Temple with her and I agree it’s best for everyone.

I spent the morning in meditation, reading, writing, and sitting in the sunlit gardens and then joined the rest of my comrades for lunch at the inn in town. D’handara was transcribing spells into an impressive spellbook with a ruby encrusted cover, and I bonded with the beautiful owl Miss Nebulosa while we all chatted amiably. It was a pleasant meal until a dwarf burst into our conversation, casting awful accusations at Wenmuck. He hurled slander at my friend’s father, blaming him for the supposed destruction of Parnest. No news of the fall of that town has reached us, and none of us was sure what to make of the man’s claims. Only D’handara’s persuasion that he should leave and warn the Lords’ Alliance in Waterdeep convinced the interloper to depart and leave us in peace. Wenmuck was understandably upset. He admitted that his father was involved in a dragon cult but that he had been mortally wounded when Parnest was besieged and that he confessed all to Wenmuck, asking his son from his deathbed to  put a stop to the cult.

Mario and D’handara continued to enjoy their leisure (and the mead) at the inn  while Vallith, Terran, and I returned to the Temple and had a walk about the grounds, finding an altar to Vallith’s chosen god, Tyr. Vallith stayed the night at the temple while Terran returned to the inn with the rest of the menfolk. We had pleasant conversation and a quiet evening by the fire.

Holy symbol of Tyr