As Mario got to his room, he was eager for a long deep rest before the group pressed on North to find the Dragon Cultists. Mario curled in under the blankets closing his eyes for the night.

A few hours into the night, the room seemed to grow even darker as a strange mist poured into the room giving it otherworldly appearance…then a figure walked into the room, a glowing apparition of a wolf.

Mario stared out from the bed seeing the mist and the wolf apparition. His living out in the wilderness had help develop his senses to be more aware of the slightest change and be observant.

The wolf stared right at Mario and drew closer then the apparition opened his mouth and spoke…

spirit_of_harmony_by_wolfroad“Greetings, Young Wolf”

“Excuse me? Oh wait, I must have drank too much mead”

“No, Young One, our brothers have been watching you. We generally do not take note of the two legs, but you are a brother.”

“Me? A wolf brother?”

The wolf nodded yes and then spoke…

“Your quest is a righteous one.  We felt you needed something to assist you in vanquishing your foes.”

Some of the mist moves and swirls forming a shape. As the shape took form it fell to the floor near Mario.

“Take this as you continue on your quest young wolf”MarioBowFinalTransparentBackground

Mario reached down and picked the bow. The longbow was absolutely gorgeous. At each end of the bow were carved wolf heads. The rest of the bow was dark wood with some silver accents.

As Mario looked a bit stunned, while examining the bow.

The wolf began to walk away and fade into the mist. He then turned, looking back to Mario…

“Look for us in your dreams, brother.”

Mario opened his eyes to the morning sun.

“What a wild dream…”

He cut his sentence short as he pulled back the cover and saw the new longbow.