Gardo Grubb is, without a doubt, the world’s best 9 fingered juggler. Just ask him and he’ll tell you. A noble by virtue of his aunt’s marriage to a merchant noble. Gardo spent his youth playing pranks and learning sleight of hand tricks. His familial relations allowed his family to settle any issues that arose from his shenanigans.

Gardo’s father, Garret, never liked his learning to perform and juggle. When he hit his teen years this division hit a boiling point. During their typical argument about performing vs. learning to run the family business, Gardo made the mistake of poking his father in the chest while trying to emphasize his passion. Unable to let the insult pass, Garret took out his dagger and cut off Gardo’s right index finger. He said that now they would see how well he could juggle with 9 fingers.

Once he had healed, Gardo left home and went to Waterdeep. In addition to a tidy amount of gold, he took his father’s signet ring, which his father wore on his right index finger. The ring was used to seal his larger transactions and was known by merchants all along the Trade Way. Seals were scrutinized and unable to exact retribution for the loss of his finger, Gardo took the next best thing, his father’s ability to conduct business, even if for the time it would take to have a new seal made, registered, and distributed.

Upon reaching Waterdeep, Gardo applied to and was accepted at the College of Ollamh. His skills in music were lacking; however his juggling and slight of hand were enough to carry him through. After graduating he traveled had a few small adventures always going where the fates led him. He has returned to Waterdeep to renew some friendships.