8 Flamerule 1489

I last made an entry here nearly three weeks ago and so much has happened. Too much really to try to put it to paper now.

It’s hard to believe that it was less than one cycle ago that I fled the Conclave for safety, or so I told myself. I was running, it’s true, but I see now that I was not running away from something, I was running towards something else. Towards the one thing I should never go looking for. And I found it in the purple and orange skies over Greenest. 

We are in the company of the very thugs who we have been pursuing these weeks. Those Dragon Cultists who defile our beautiful country with their vile, scaly magic. They have no respect for the land or the moon. I doubt they even venerate the goddess whose banner they wave. Those barbarians are self-serving criminals who rob hives of honey and children of fathers. All the while laughing and boasting and daring someone to try to stop them. I don’t know why I am the one to answer, but I cannot ignore my path. Though my mother will never understand, I hope she will forgive. But that may be too much to ask.