Dear Journal,

It’s me, Mario Giuseppe Vincenzo, at your service. As you know I am on a noble quest to find the one who saved me that night. I have vowed to repay this debt and find a way to get back and undo the wrongs. Hmm, but you know all that Journal.


I had to stop writing. A new traveler joined my journey South. D’handra is his name. It was nice to be able to share some of my squirrel stew. He seemed to like it.If only he could have had some of Mama Vincenzo’s squirrel stew. She could take the most meager amount of food and turn it into a feast.


D’handra seems like a nice fellow, but there seems something a bit off. I have found out he doesn’t mind traveling alone and does not have the typical gear for such a trek. In my experience, there seems to be something more to this one. But, that is definitely my old job coming out. I am sure he is a fine fellow.


As we journeyed closer to Greenest, D’handra and I came across another camp of adventurer; a dwarf, Wenmuk and an elf, named Tristavyrr. The dwarf seems to be very on-guard and quite observant. Mario believes the dwarf’s axe and “many” other of Wenmuk’s weapons are definitely not for show. The fair lady Tristavyrr seems very intelligent and enjoys her books. She also can tell a very good story. Mario slept like a baby after her wonderful story and of course after having sampled some of the fine cheese. Thank goodness I was able to get a bit from D’handra. I have never seen a man so excited by cheese.


As we prepared for our final push into Greenest, a young, somewhat brooding man walked into our camp. He was, um how do you say…not into sharing much, but I managed to find out his name is Eltrix and that is about it. However, he did enjoy some cheese. Soon after he arrived, we broke camp. Eltrix and D’handra headed off first, soon followed by Tristavyrr, Wenmuk and me.


While many of us seemed to want to keep our personal things to ourselves, I believe there is something pulling us together, as we draw closer to the town of Greenest.


That is all for now Journal. I, Mario Giuseppe Vincenzo, must be off for adventure!